Rules Of The Road

Lift Off
You Came To Me In The Morning
Don't Refuse Me My Darlling
Beast Of The Horrible Maze 
Rules Of The Road
The King
Going To California
Hell's Angels
Simple Song

All songs written and performed by Turner Cody.
Recorded at Startunes, Hamburg engineered by Darc Amir.
produced by Turner Cody & Quintus Kannegiesser


You Came to Me In The Morning
You came to me in the morning,
You took the hyacinth route,
You begged three questions,
And then layed your body down,
And the sun was glowing,
Though the stars were out,
And the green of silver spring,
Was laying on the ground.

You came to me in the morning,
You came to me in the morning.

Why are the harbingers lolling?
Because the secret is out,
Ten kings are caught between,
The earth and the final shroud,
And now at last you know me,
In the presence of them,
I am not your coney,
I am not your prince of men.

You came to me in the morning,
You came to me in the morning.

Ride with me and Mercury,
Upon the timeless train,
A guide across the albatross',
Sea of the sane.

Beyond the flowers of Zion,
Beyond the pale of the Nile,
You came to me in the morning,
And we rested there a while.

You came to me in the morning,
You came to me in the morning.

Beast Of The Horrible Maze
What do you say to the guard of the gate,
At the horrible maze of the dead?
In jetsom waves at the end of the days,
When the pendulum grazes your head?
And your chances never improved,
In a land that's never been loved.

Tell me again of the kingdom of men,
In yesteryear's heavenly home,
Who's eulogy reads in a fossil of leaves,
And an ossified offering of bone,
And the myth of the snake who was born of the lake,
In the form of the ape and the star,
Who in mystery drank and in misery sank,
Through the skin in the wave of the horror,
There to war in furious waves,
And impune with merciless eyes.

Once from the seat of the avenue beat,
I was greated with distinct relays,
Mercurial songs from ethereal skies,
That the fear of the times couldn't stay,
But now with a rench there is driving my senses,
Immence, unrelenting malaise,
And I know no place of peace in the face,
Of the beast of the horrible maze,
From the Hudson to the Seine,
To the poles and back again,
In the living world of men.

Rules Of The Road
I was in the corner drinking,
And you were behind me thinking,
That thoughts and words are fleeting,
But that deeds are set in stone.
And if everyone got what they wanted,
Then no soul would ever be haunted,
By pathways left unplodded,
And by projects left unknown.
You held me when I was cringing,
When my one good ear was ringing,
And the crowd behind me was singing,
Some old funeral ode.
We were beat up on the railways,
And weeded out on trolleys,
Bound by human folleys,
And the rules of the road.

Our fates are wound together,
Forever and forever,
Our shoes are made of leather,
And our bodies made of flesh.
We're wounded and we're healed,
Armored and steeled,
Our movements are concealed,
And our fees are payed in cash.
Our fortunes are expanded,
Our wistful wishes granted,
And our failures are walls of granite,
That nothing can explode.
And around the darkened corner,
Are a murderer and a mourner,
And both of them know the order,
And the rules of the road.

Your eyes remain unchanging,
In the words you are saying,
But still it is a strange thing,
How my ears don't hear the same.
And the pirates on the circuit,
They know just how to work it,
And their calibres are perfect,
For taking down big game.
Your face was red from the wine,
As you tapped your foot in time,
And you held your hand in mine,
And your radiance glowed.
And the angles up in heaven,
Are staying where He set them,
To keep and to protect them,
From the rules of the road.

The King

The King called his men to his funeral bed,
Because he didn't want to die alone,
And he told them there that he didn't care,
And that they could share the throne,
Because he didn't have an heir,
Because he didn't have a queen,
Because he didn't want to cook,
And he didn't want to clean,
The palace after the week long parties he would throw.

Now ask me again and I'll try to pretend,
That I'm trying to sit up and not slouch,
I'm not and agreeing and I'm almost believing,
The words coming out of my mouth,
And I'm trying to figure if the answer I give her,
Is the one to her flower or the one for her finger,
And I'll never know either and I'll never believe her anyhow.

Now honest John was the foolish one,
Who let the thieves in through the door,
And citizen Sam was the one who was scammed,
When he thought all intentions were pure,
And I was decieved by the heart on my sleeve,
By the smile on my face and the faith in my dream,
And week after week on the city street makes it clear.

So let me explain: there are two kinds of ways,
The average fellow can be,
There are two kinds of ways that I can behave,
All depending on my company,
And I don't want to divert you,
Or love and desert you,
And I don't want to lie because I don't want to hurt you,
I just want to preserve you,
'Cause I want to deserve you my dear.

Simple Song.

When the evening bells are ringing,
And the breeze is on the lawn,
There will be a chorus singing,
There will be a simple song.

You and me we are beginning,
The unbeaten path is long,
But the seasons are forgiving,
When the grieving days are gone.

Oh what I would give to leave the call alone,
That cries in silent blue,
But that is what it is to bring the simple song,
I long to sing to you.

Fare thee well you desperate city,
Fare thee well you Babylon,
I will bring and angel with me,
And continue on my own.

When the evening bells are ringing,
And the breeze is on the lawn,
There will be a chorus singing,
There will be a simple song.